“Life is like a roller coaster,
Their are highs and lows,
And tipsy topsy turn arounds.
Its about holding on and not letting go no matter what.”
-Lily Grace Saunders-



“Dear life you are exhausting at times. You throw more tantrums then I ever know possible.
You slow down, you speed up, you take time and give time.
Sometime their is sunshine and other times storms.
So I try to break it up a little, takes risks, love a lot, and find comfort in trying new things.
But you are never the same, Life, always changing, always keeping me guessing.
So I will live you, Life, to my absolute potential.
-Pillow thoughts, Courtney Peppernell-
– @thiagobomfim1 /@analivia_ribeir –


“The worst thing you can believe is that your happiness lies in someone else,
Never put your happiness in someone else fragile hands,
Put it in your goals, you achievements,
Put your happiness in your passions, in the things that truly matter
because people will never reward you but your dreams will”