“Dear life you are exhausting at times. You throw more tantrums then I ever know possible.
You slow down, you speed up, you take time and give time.
Sometime their is sunshine and other times storms.
So I try to break it up a little, takes risks, love a lot, and find comfort in trying new things.
But you are never the same, Life, always changing, always keeping me guessing.
So I will live you, Life, to my absolute potential.
-Pillow thoughts, Courtney Peppernell-
– @thiagobomfim1 /@analivia_ribeir –

Thought #7?

Human life is fleeting. Where here for a whisper then like the wind were gone. No purpose just thoughts of what has gone, what could have been, what we have lost. Regret stacking up against gratitude. People here for a moment, hoping to make a change.

Older Sister

Annoying? Yes…

Loving? 100%

Some of the best people you will ever meet. Absolutely.

Thought #6

Never the same. 2020 is going to change the world forever. With all of the stuff. Maybe we will wake up and change?

Probably not, just try and be a good person Anyway… Things should work out in the end.

Life is a game

“Life is a game, we all want to win. Life is a race we all want top spot. Life is a melody, some tragic and dark others happy and bright. No matter how you play. How you listen. How you run. Were all human and every second counts. Put down your headphones, Slow down your race, Pause your game, and look around. For all the birds in the trees singing so sweetly. For those who have fallen, stay strong. Look down and notice your one life. Were all human no matter what. Skin, Colour, Race. We all have feelings, and all love. No one wants to say goodnight.” Image -Jiya- Quote -Lily Saunders-

I went bowling with friends for youth group. I got a couple of strikes but still lost…. Good day, Great evening and ready for bed.

His emotions are kicking in, except it is literally just anger. Anger and numbness, that will mentally kill him too. 
 what does he want me to say… we are all monsters inside? Our generation is filled with monsters? We are so used to death and awful things it barely faces us anymore… We try to make ourselves emotionally innumerable. It always hurts, when the patients’ ones crack. The kind once. Those who get emotionally attached, the smart ones. The innocent ones. The ones who just try to help get hurt. It happens to often and there is nothing you can do. We accept the world, and never question it. We should… but we are too scared to speak out, to make changes.